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Eskimo Nell - Screen Play (Paperback)

Michael Armstrong’s outrageous satire of the low budget British exploitation film industry in the 1970’s tells the hilarious saga of three inexperienced filmmakers hired by a sleazy producer to make a movie version of the infamously rude poem, The Ballad Of Eskimo Nell, for four different backers each expecting a different version. Ground-breaking for its time, the film smashed box office records during its initial nationwide release and is now acknowledged as a British comedy classic.

In paperback for the first time, the original screen play, titled The Movie Makers, is published together with the revised version with detailed explanations of the changes, cuts and alterations made in getting the screen play from the page to the screen. Accompanied by a fully detailed background and writing history, the book also includes an introduction and perspective on screenwriting, glossary, biography and bibliography, and a foreword by David McGillivray.

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