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Falconfell - Screen Play (Paperback)

A whirlwind romance between two young New Yorkers turns into a terrifying nightmare for the wife when she visits her husband researching his latest historical novel in an old English stately home called Falconfell - now a National Trust museum - in which dark secrets from the past soon start to ingratiate themselves in the couple's relationship, threatening not only their marriage but their sanity and, eventually, their very lives.

After their award-winning collaboration on the Gothic spoof, House Of The Long Shadows, conceived as a homage to the four great horror legends: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and John Carradine, Michael Armstrong wrote this masterly suspenseful and creepy romantic thriller, again for Pete Walker to direct.

Now published here for the first time, complete with a fully detailed writing history and the reasons why it was never ultimately realised on film. Foreword by Pete Walker.

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