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House Of The Long Shadows - Screen Play (Signed Hardback)

£55.00 £130.00
House Of The Long Shadows is Armstrong's 1982 multi award-winning classic, tongue-in-cheek parody of "Old Dark House" horror movies, written specifically for the four great horror legends, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and John Carradine, and directed by genre favourite Pete Walker in 1983.

Published in the same font and precise page layout of Armstrong's unique writing style, each title is accompanied by a detailed writing history as to its sources and creative problems, front office cuts, changes and alterations, casting choices, production history and an outline of the circumstances that led to certain screen plays ending up on a screen, others being shelved, and many never actually having even been read by anyone in the industry.

The A4 hardback edition has a strictly limited print run, luxurious black cloth cover with gold foil embossing and sewn bound pages, and is individually numbered and signed by Armstrong himself.

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