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Mark Of The Devil - Screen Play (Paperback)

Set during the infamous European witch-hunts in Austria, a small town is terrorised by a self-appointed witchfinder and his thugs serving indictments of witchcraft as a pretext for rape, brutal tortures and public execution by burning at the stake. His replacement by an official state witchfinder sets the two men on a collision course while the town learns that the kind of bloodthirsty injustice meted out by a local amateur pales into nothing when compared with the terror and brutality of a corrupt state church enforcing God's holy laws.

Michael Armstrong's 1970 notoriously violent and unflinching attack on religious and moral hypocrisy caused an outrage at Cannes, was banned outright in many countries, and is now recognised as one of the top cult horror classics of all time.

Published for the first time is Armstrong's complete original uncut screen play, alongside a blow-by-blow account of the infamous on and off set fights with his producer.

Be warned: not for the weak-hearted!

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