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The Black Panther - Screen Play (Signed Hardback)

£45.00 £130.00
The Black Panther is Michael Armstrong's grim, dramatized factual reconstruction of sub-post office robber Donald Neilson's bungling, murderous crime rampage in England that culminated in his disastrous kidnapping of 16 year old heiress Lesley Whittle and her violent death incarcerated in the drainage system beneath Bathpool Park. Made only two years after his arrest, Ian Merrick's highly controversial film of the screen play created such establishment and media outrage that screenings were banned by almost every council in the UK. Continued unofficial suppression in the UK provided it with only limited public access until the BFI's Blu-ray release in 2012.

The A4 hardback edition has a strictly limited print run, luxurious black cloth cover with gold foil embossing and sewn bound pages, and is individually numbered and signed by Armstrong himself.

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