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The Dark - Screen Play (Paperback)

Forever seeking new kicks in a lifestyle of parties, sex, drugs and rock & roll, a group of bored teenagers in London's Swinging Sixties hold a séance in a deserted old house allegedly haunted by a murderous ghost. But their cynical brittle world falls apart when one of them is viciously murdered.

Michael Armstrong's The Dark, re-titled prior to release as The Haunted House Of Horror in the UK and Horror House in the USA, is one of the most notorious cases on record of front office interference in the filmmaking process, and one that almost destroyed the career of its 23 year old writer/director making his first feature film. Now, over fifty years later, Armstrong finally reveals the incredible and shocking truth and how, despite the script mutilations and the vetoing of a then unknown David Bowie from making his feature film debut, sufficient remains of his damaged vision for it now to be recognised as one of the most significant British horror films of the sixties.

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