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The Image - Screen Play (Paperback)

A terrified artist is haunted by the boy whose portrait he is struggling to paint in an effort to exorcise dark and painful memories in this enigmatic and disturbing ghost story.

The Image marked Michael Armstrong's entry into the film industry as the youngest screenwriter and director of his era, David Bowie's first ever screen role as an actor, and the first short film awarded an adults only 'X' certificate for violence.

The original complete uncut 30 minute 1964 version is published here for the first time in the same precise layout of Armstrong's unique writing style, along with its written re-conception into the 14 minute version created by Armstrong in the cutting room that resulted in the 1967 film.

Accompanied by a fully detailed background, writing and production history, casting insights, introduction and perspective on screenwriting, glossary, photo gallery, full production credits, biography and bibliography, The Image also includes a foreword by Kevin Cann.

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