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A Floral Tale - Screen Play (Paperback)

A dim pantomime fairy, stripped of her wings for ruining a fairy tale, accidentally ends up in the allegorical world of Greek mythology where her efforts to regain her wings by making someone’s dream come true results in sexual mayhem, suicides, murders, political collapse, revolution, and a final mind-boggling war between mortals and gods.

Michael Armstrong’s hilarious epic satirical musical special effects-laden fantasy aimed to showcase his young protégées Veronica Doran, David Bowie and Udo Kier, and, despite falling foul of censorship due to its uninhibited sexual explicitness, it nevertheless precipitated his career as a first-time writer/director. The complete unexpurgated screen play is presented here with full history, casting intentions, and Armstrong’s own amply illustrated designs plus opening scene storyboards.

Completely, wonderfully bonkers, you can’t get more uniquely and outrageously Armstrong than this. You never have and never will see a film remotely like it.

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