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Adventures Of A Private Eye - Screen Play (Paperback)

An accident-prone apprentice to a famous private eye seizes his chance to handle a case while his boss is away, only to find himself up to his neck in blackmail, dead bodies, suspects galore...and lots of pretty girls.

The second in the Adventures Of... series of sex comedies, and the only one written in its entirety by Michael Armstrong, is a hilarious fast-moving romp merrily bouncing its hapless hero from one disastrous situation to another while parodying Agatha Christie murder mysteries.

Additional to his original uncut screen play, this volume also contains a history of its writing plus details of Armstrong's written contributions to the other two films in the trilogy he made with Stanley Long. Plus in-depth casting and production notes, full film credits and much, much more... Foreword by Adrienne Posta.

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