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E.very N.ight S.omething A.wful - Screen Play (Paperback)

A comic saga detailing the misadventures of an ill-assorted company of concert party performers during the Second World War. Sent to entertain the troops in Europe, the tours of the Entertainments National Service Association (E.N.S.A.) were better known by their suffering audiences as "Every Night Something Awful", thanks to a steady flow of increasingly disaster-prone luvvies enthusiastically "doing their bit" to support the British war effort.

Michael Armstrong’s gloriously funny epic screen play based on the memoirs of author, James Clavell’s wife, April. Commissioned to be a lavish musical comedy with a cast of major international stars, with Armstrong directing, and filmed back-to-back with Clavell’s own Tai Pan for MGM, it sadly fell victim to studio politics when both productions were shelved. Now, the complete original script is in print with a foreword by Melvyn Hayes, and a detailed writing history including why it was never ultimately realised on film.

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