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Ghost Town - Screen Play (Paperback)

Pursued by a posse, a gang of young outlaws hide out in a ghost town where they soon find themselves fighting not only each other but a band of renegades by day and something far, far scarier by night.

Written in the same witty, movie-referencing, tongue-in-cheek vein as his award-winning screen play, House Of The Long Shadows many years later, Armstrong's genuinely spooky spoof Western mercilessly mocks all the American Dream clichés and macho attitudes exemplified by popular television Westerns of the fifties and sixties. A wickedly scary and enjoyable romp.

The complete original 1969 screen play is published for the first time in the same precise layout of Armstrong's unique writing style. Accompanied by a fully detailed background and writing history, including why Armstrong, sadly, never realised it on film. The book also includes an introduction and perspective on screenwriting, glossary, biography and bibliography, and a foreword by actor and writer Neil Jackson.

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