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Ghost Town - Screen Play (Signed Hardback)

£35.00 £95.00
Ghost Town is Michael Armstrong's highly entertaining comedy horror Western that never made it to the screen.

Pursued by a posse, a gang of young outlaws hide out in a ghost town where they find themselves fighting off a band of renegade Indians by day ... and something far, far scarier by night. Laced with his customary caustic wit, this genuinely spooky Western romp delights in poking fun at American macho attitudes as exemplified by the popular television westerns of the fifties and sixties. Written in 1969 in the same wickedly movie referencing, tongue-in-cheek vein as his House Of The Long Shadows many years later, this title is a unique "must-have" to add to the complete collection of Michael Armstrong’s screen plays.

The A4 hardback edition has a strictly limited print run, luxurious black cloth cover with gold foil embossing and sewn bound pages, and is individually numbered and signed by Armstrong himself.

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