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Orphanage - Screen Play (Paperback)

A devastatingly powerful account of young lives in a children's home: parentally abandoned, ignored by a dismissive system, fiercely defensive and wracked by achingly low self-esteem and loneliness. And outside, death prowls in the form of a terrible serial killer, methodically drawing closer and closer until it is time to strike...

Michael Armstrong's most personal screen play is a suspense-laden sociological thriller, as heart-breaking as it is shocking and horrific. The brutal and painful honesty with which Armstrong has imbued this original screen play is published here with a fully detailed history of the writing and production intentions. Had it been realised on film, it would almost certainly have proved more controversial and faced tougher censorship problems than his genre classic, Mark Of The Devil. Foreword by John Hamilton.

Contains strong language and scenes that are deeply disturbing and very, very scary. Be warned!

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