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The Cliche-Cutter - Screen Play (Paperback)

Written a few months after The Dark, Michael Armstrong's second screen play, The Cliché-Cutter, is a surprisingly mature piece of writing for a teenager barely turned sixteen. Pulling out all the stops in its satirical attack on film and advertising clichés, it portrays the hilariously desperate attempts of a young man's efforts to get a job as a film director at a time when the industry was operating a strictly closed shop.

Fast-paced and bursting with madcap comedic situations, this wholly enjoyable laugh-out-loud romp is as outrageous in its ideas as it is anarchic in its storytelling; confidently poking fun at a world and an industry of which, at the time, Armstrong had no personal experience. Now made available for the first time since it was written in 1961 is the complete uncut original screen play of The Cliché-Cutter. Plus a fully detailed writing history, glossary, biography and much more, together with the reasons why it was never realised on film.

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