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The Final Chapter Of Dr Chekhov - Screen Play (Paperback)

The extraordinary last years of Anton Chekhov, a practicing doctor whose short stories had given him worldwide acclaim, who made a vow never to attempt writing for the stage again after the disastrous reception of his play, The Seagull, until he married a glamorous actress. It was a marriage that not only created terrible family rifts and heartbreak but resulted in his writing a series of stage plays that would change the face of theatre and the art of acting forever.

Michael Armstrong’s homage to the genius of one of his great loves and mentors, Anton Chekhov, commissioned to explore the triangle that evolved between the dying writer, his new wife, Olga Knipper, and his adoring possessive sister, Masha. The resultant screen play is now published in its original uncut form together with a writing history, production intentions and the reason why, finally, it was never realised.

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