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The Great Christmas Snow Patrol - Stage Play

Jack and Lily are dreaming of a white Christmas, but the skies are sunny and there's no sign of snow anywhere. Is it possible to change the weather? Maybe they could build a rocket and fly up to the clouds. Can this terrific twosome boldly go where no children have ever gone before...?

The Great Christmas Snow Patrol is a fun-filled, sing-along, interactive festive play for 2-6 year olds, their families, pre-schools and nurseries.

Written by Kevin James and originally commissioned by Harlow Playhouse, the show premiered in December 2022.

This paperback edition contains the original play script and sheet music of the songs, along with staging notes from the original production.

"These wonderful shows have been so important for Harlow Playhouse and means that even the youngest of our audiences have had the opportunity to be the first in the world to see these brand-new perfectly pitched productions." Rory Davies - Harlow Playhouse

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