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Beelzebub - Screen Play (Signed Hardback)

£35.00 £95.00
Beelzebub is a rare example of Michael Armstrong not trying to break new ground but adhere strictly to the traditional format of supernatural horror films of the time. Written in 1984, this fast-moving, scary and fun screen play makes a fascinating addition to the complete collection and is now available to read for the first time ever.

Set in the early 80’s when home computers were no more than glorified word processors, a teenager acquires a second-hand model unaware that it has previously been used for storing data of numerous psychic investigations – one of which had unknowingly allowed something evil to enter: the notorious demon, Beelzebub, who slowly starts to make his presence known in the boy’s household with terrifying and deadly results...

The A4 hardback edition has a strictly limited print run, luxurious black cloth cover with gold foil embossing and sewn bound pages, and is individually numbered and signed by Armstrong himself.

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